Welcome to The Naked Globe, the project made during the period of lockdowns, where the distance between photographer and model no longer exists. Through the use of smartphones and the @theshutterapp, I am able to connect with people around the world for fast and improvised photoshoots, while I'm based in Barcelona. The beauty of this cooperative creativity is that I never know what my subjects will offer me - location, props, or anything else that might inspire us at the moment.

Participating in The Naked Globe is a unique experience with different motivations for each person involved. Some join out of boredom during self-isolation, while others see it as an opportunity for self-acceptance. For some, it's a form of artistic performance, while others are eager to explore the world of art in a new way. And for those who love to be free and naked, this project offers a liberating experience.

Each photoshoot is more than just a snapshot - it captures the essence of each person involved and the story they leave behind. Through The Naked Globe, I am exploring the world of human bodies and souls, while staying connected with people from every corner of the world. I'm excited to bring the touch of new technologies and opportunities they offer to the world of contemporary art. 

All shoots made with an application @theshutterapp



Marina (Israel)


Marina's story:
"My name is Marina and I live in Israel. Half a year ago I told Julia that I wanted to take part in this project posing some yoga postures and happily forgot about it a minute later.
Like everything in life - things happen as and when they should... a few days ago my lovely husband Avi surprised me for our 12 years together by taking us to a really beautiful and expensive hotel in the desert. It was then when I got an idea to finally do the photoshoot with Julia. It was my first time posing naked and I had real fun doing it with Avi and Julia over the phone. Funny thing is that 10 years before that Julia took our wedding day photos here in Israel so it was somewhat a cool closure of 12 years together, 10 years after getting married and getting a photoshoot by the same amazing person on that special day.
The stone sculpture depicted in the photos is an untitled work by Dalia Meiri, dated 1986.,%20Dalia"