This is my current self-portrait project, which combines elements of photography, land art, performance, and digital art. I seek out unique locations, whether they are famous or unknown, and incorporate compositions featuring different positions of my body within the landscapes. I interact with nature and align my movements with the lines, geometry, and colors of the places I visit. For me, this project is also a performance, usually lasting between half an hour to an hour. Sometimes, I have an audience, and other times it's a personal interaction with nature.

Technically I use digital processing to create this work, combining multiple images of myself taken from one point into a single composition. However, all images are real representations of my body's movements during this prolonged performance



This work from #Synchronizationproject looks different in motion and this is probably the best option for it. Sound On 💫
 it's a small movie about this performance.

This video is combined of all the photos that were taken, and here you can see the whole process. And the sunset ❤

This is part of the self-portrait project, filmed on a mountain lake in Portugal in the Serra de Estrela National Park.

Conceptually it is a mix of photography, performance and geo-art.   I find unique places - famous or completely unknown, and I integrate compositions made from different positions of my naked body into landscapes. I interact with nature, synchronize with the lines and geometry of places. For me, this is also a performance, which usually lasts about 20-30 minutes. Sometimes random people watch, sometimes it's my personal interaction with nature.

This time, the body became a source of light in the twilight mountains.

After sunset, I had to dive into the dark waters of the small mountain lake in Serra de Estrella Natural park in Portugal. It was a little bit scary to make this first step into the lake without knowing what's on the bottom and who lives there. But I made this step and I was swimming for around 20 minutes. And finally, I could relax and feel the magic of the moment - my glowing naked body under stars, in the darkness, in zero gravity..

This motion is made of the few long exposure shots. Every shot is at 4-5 minutes exposure
This work was made on the lake in Catalonia and I had to make it in the darkness. It's enough cold in the evening, and I had to spend 40 minutes in total in the lake drawing the lines with the light of Jedi swords. 

Behind the scenes of the shot made in Canyon de las Vacas on  Gran Canaria island. I walked in the dark along the rocks and illuminated them with the light of the Jedi sword. The process was like a shamanic journey into some essence of surrealism in real life. During the process, I was naked - it was important for me to feel this connection between my skin and the stones around me and to be completely open to the environment. As a result, I got the one long exposure shot, but the process which looks like performance is also a very important part