Photo performance "Selfie Isolation" is a series of self-portraits and behind-the-scenes videos made in my flat at quarantine during the pandemic of Covid-19. The only thing I could do  -  shoot self-portraits every day with the same wall in the background and with some materials that I could found at home. When we bought a fish for dinner, for example - first I used it in for the pictures and then cooked. The rest stuff came from storage: acrylic paints, some bottles, potato nets, scotch tape, etc. It was quite a challenge for me: woke up and start to look around the house trying to find inspiration. I didn't wait for it, I was hardly looking for it.
I used only a piece of a white wall in my flat as a background and some stuff which I could find at home - any outfits, food, paintings.

I didn't use Photoshop effects, all ideas are realized in reality. 



Concept & Art direction & MUA & Photo & Model & Retouch by me.