No More Distance between photographer and model. 

I shoot people remotely, just using their smartphones and special app for connection. I'm based in Barcelona and connect with people around the world online for fast improvised shoots. I never know what exactly heroes will offer me - which location, which stuff, props etc.  It's cooperative creativity, and it's a challenge for both of us.  People have different motivation to participate in the project - someone is just bored during self isolation, for someone it's kind of self acceptance experience, someone is an artist-performer and it's kind of performance for both of us, someone is hungry for the new experience in the art field, someone just loves to be naked and free. Also people participated leave the stories about themselves which complements the photographs. And I'm exploring this world of human bodies and souls and their souls through their bodies in the way which allows me to be in touch with the people in any part of the world. And I love the idea to bring this touch of new technologies and new opportunities they give us in contemporary world. So the field of the project is somewhere between photography, performance, documentary and new technologies.

All shoots made with an application @theshutterapp