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My name is Julia Buruleva. I'm a visual artist and art-director specializing in conceptual, fashion, advertising photography and video. Currently based in Barcelona (Spain).

Represented by:

Minded Factory Production  (Spain),

InsideOut Art Gallery (Belgium) 

Begemot Art Gallery (Spain)


Founder:  Vallcarca Production  

We have a great team  - stylists, MUAH's, cameramen, editors etc - and we do full cycle production - from concept to postproduction. We create concept stories, music videos, adverising, editorials and any creative content.

We already have produced editorial and commercial work for fashion magazines of France, USA, Great Britain,China Italy, Spain, Hungary, Argentina, Chezh Republic, Russia, Malaisia for the likes of PAP, SICKY, L'Officiel China, InStyle Hungary, Solstice, JUTE, LATEST, VEIN, REKT, Kluid, Rolling Stone (Argentina), HUF, Decalogue, Switch and more.  


Art platforms and magazines about me:


KONBINI ARTS  (FRANCE) - Interview in Pictures


FISHEYE Magazine (FRANCE) The article about me and my works


COOPH MAGAZINE The article about me and my latest projects


AESTHETICA MAGAZINE (USA)  "Improvisational Spirit"  - The article about me and my works


FADDY MAGAZINE. Printed Issue.September 2021  Page-

272-315.  About my projects


DICECREAM MAGAZINE (USA) Big interview with me


Plastik (Art platform with 1 million followers, instagram @plastik)

Julia Buruleva is a Barcelona-based conceptual photographer whose work focuses on merging art, theater, fashion and portraiture. She combines photography with performance art; the way she plays with scenery, objects, models, light and set design gives a surrealistic quality to her work that we love.
Part of her process is having an open casting call, not knowing how many participants will be in the shot: she leaves room for improvisation in every photo, which makes the result look so unique and un-staged.




Nouvelle Factory art magazine

"From Russia to Europe, passing through San Pietroburgo, Moscow and finally Barcelona. It is in the Spanish city that photographer Julia Buruleva realizes her art, her concept of photography. And she does it through a process that is only apparently articulated, because it is rich in cultural references, especially pictorial, and daily life. The result, on the other hand, is sharp, clear. Sensual and expertly conceived. A winning mix that leads her from wedding photographer to becoming one of the most important conceptual fashion photographers of the moment."





Fine Art Photography Magazine

"Surreal Photo Theatre

Julia Buruleva is a Barcelona-based conceptual photographer whose work focuses on fashion and portraiture. In her characteristic style she combines photography with performance.

The way she plays with scenery, objects, models, light and decoration gives the observer the feeling of surrealism. She creates her own theatre during the shoots full of weird but visually strong aesthetic. Working between photography, performance and installation, Buruleva stages psychedelic photographs with an amazing dense atmosphere that capture a world of beauty and mystery.

It´s hard to believe but all this is done on location - there is no digital postproduction in her works except basic retouching! (Which is very rare these days"...




“Selfie Isolation” is a series of self portraits and behind the scenes videos made by artist Julia Buruleva in her own flat during lockdown for pandemic Covid–19 emergency. Her timelapse videos (click here to watch them) show the entire production process of her pictures, all made at the same place.

Pictures and videos are complementary and part of her photographic performance.

Julia only uses the white wall of her own flat and some home stuff like outfits, food and paintings. She doesn't use any Photoshop effect, everything is real. All her ideas come from very limited tools an she is the main performer of the stage she created.




I'm on ARTSY - prints for sale




My Exhibitions:
Solo exhibition in BEGEMOT art gallery, Barcelona
Solo exhibition in ARTERIA art gallery, Barcelona
Solo exhibition at Belchica art space, Barcelona
Solo exhibition "Behind the mirror". Art project about involving disabled persons to fashion world. Moscow.
Solo exhibition "Women in sight" at the annual photographers conference "Fotoslet". Moscow.
Group exhibition at the International Art fair Ten Diez Movement. Spain.
Group exhibition at the Moscow Music House.
Group exhibition at Art Lover Ground Art fair, Barcelona.
Jury of the international Photo Contest Aperture Awards.
Jury at the annual Mywed Awards photo contest. Russia.