Conceptual, fashion, advertising and portrait photographer. Creative director.

Film director.

Photo and Video Production.

Based in Barcelona.

Worldwide available.

Represented by international production company Minded Factory in Barcelona.
Already have produced editorial and commercial work for fashion magazines of France, USA, Great Britain, Spain, Argentina,  Chezh Republic, Russia, Malaisia for the likes of Marie Claire (Spain), Solstice, JUTE, REKT, Kluid, Elegant mag, Rolling Stone (Argentina), HUF, LUI,  Afi , PROMO, PUMP, BLNC , Scorpio Jin, Prolific, Feroce, INDEED and more.
Completed a degree in Saint Petersburg Univercity of Art and Culture as a fine art photographer.

Solo exhibition in BEGEMOT art gallery, Barcelona
Solo exhibition in ARTERIA art gallery, Barcelona
Solo exhibition at Belchica art space, Barcelona
Solo exhibition "Behind the mirror".  Art project about involving disabled persons to fashion world. Moscow.
Solo exhibition "Women in sight" at the annual photographers conference "Fotoslet". Moscow.
Group exhibition at the International Art fair Ten Diez Movement. Spain.
Group exhibition at the Moscow Music House.
Group exhibition at Art Lover Ground Art fair, Barcelona.
Group exhibition in Fashion Photography Fest in Arteria Gallery, Barcelona.
Jury of the international Photo Contest Aperture Awards.
Jury at the annual Mywed Awards photo contest. Russia.

Instagram @brulliant